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    ​Hi! My name is Felipe Machado, and I was born and (partially) raised in Brazil, where a radioactive spider injected me with a life-long obsession for three things: soccer, movies, and video games. It was there that I watched Brazil win the World Cup in '94, played Aladdin until my fingers bled when I got a Super Nintendo in '95, and fell in love when my uncle took me to the re-release of Empire Strikes Back in '97.


    As life took its course and my family moved to the US, it wasn't just the landscapes and faces that changed; it was the language and culture. Games and movies became more than just pastimes; they became my bridge to this new world, my teachers in the complex art of English, and my solace in times of homesickness.


    Today, a quarter-century later, I've turned this passion into my profession. Narrative storytelling isn't just a job for me – it's a craft, a devotion. Through films and video games, I've had the privilege of weaving tales that evoke emotion, spark conversations, and leave lasting impressions.


    As you navigate through my portfolio, you'll find glimpses of my dedication to this art, stories and projects that mean a lot to me, and hopely they have an effect on you as well. Thanks for checking me out!


  • Writing Samples

    "The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before." - Neil Gaiman 

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    Television Pilot

    This piece reimagines the Peter Pan narrative as a gripping prequel, told from the perspective of James before he becomes Captain Hook, who embarks on a daring journey across the seas to rescue his ailing daughter from the clutches of a malevolent Peter Pan in the mysterious afterlife, Neverland.



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    Interactive Script

    This Twine game showcases an action-packed, playable script for a first-person POV YouTube video series I created for Machinima to promote the release of Max Payne 3. Creatively adapted from the intense action and noir storytelling elements of the Max Payne video game series.



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    Character Barks

    A comprehensive list of NPC character dialogue created for a game set in a world where humans left planet Earth and animals evolved into what we left behind. The character work demonstrates my storytelling techniques, characterization skills, and the ability to create memorable and relatable personalities that enhance the player's experience.



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    Worldbuilding Document

    This document serves as a blueprint for a Sci-Fi RPG adventure set in a post-human Earth. It delves into a realm dominated by sentient animal societies, offering a wealth of lore, politics, and technology. This document unfurls an intricately designed world, rich in potential, that intertwines elements of adventure and intrigue, creating an expansive landscape ripe for immersive exploration. 



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    Meet the Players

    Character Bios

    This compilation showcases the depth of character crafting across diverse narratives and settings. From the futuristic landscapes of a Sci-Fi RPG to the high-stakes realm of a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, the bios here highlight unique individuals, each with layered histories, compelling motivations, and multifaceted personalities.



  • Experience


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    Game Writing Masterclass

    The Narrative Department

    Spring 2023

    I completed Susan O'Connor's intensive Game Writing Masterclass at The Narrative Department, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the unique demands and challenges of narrative design within the gaming industry. The course provided a valuable shift in perspective regarding narrative flexibility, underscoring the necessity of molding the story around the game mechanics and other departmental needs rather than confining it within traditional storytelling boundaries.


    This perspective was further deepened by the concept of the player's role in the narrative, highlighting the critical aspect of player agency and their contribution to the overarching narrative. This approach to game writing enlightened me to see the player as a co-author in the narrative process. This player-centric view of narrative design has shaped my approach to game writing, focusing not only on crafting compelling narratives but also on creating spaces for players to carve their own path and form their own experiences within the game world.

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    Story Consultant - 65 (Feature Film)

    2020 - 2023

    I had the privilege of working with renowned writers and directors, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, on their sci-fi feature film, 65, starring Adam Driver. My involvement in the project was multi-faceted and integral to both the development and production phases.


    These experiences refined my skills in dynamic narrative adaptation, collaborative design, and innovative world-building — invaluable competencies that I'm eager to bring into my future role in the video game industry. With a keen understanding of the importance of narrative fluidity, responsive storytelling, and immersive experiences, I am well-positioned to contribute effectively to any game development team.

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    Creative Executive - Raimi Productions

    2015 - 2020

    My tenure at Raimi Productions gave me a unique opportunity to engage closely with the heart of the film and television industry. I was the primary contact for all submissions to the company , so developed and fine-tuned an instinct for recognizing potential in narrative concepts.


    As I transition to the video game industry, I bring with me a thorough understanding of narrative structure, the ability to develop compelling pitches, and an instinct for identifying and nurturing new talent. Combined with my proven experience in ideation and execution of successful projects, I am confident in my ability to contribute significantly to game narratives and design.

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    Writer, Interactive Content - Machinima


    Working with Machinima, I was part of a creative team tasked with generating engaging story content rooted in mainstream video games. This experience allowed me to dive deeper into the gaming industry and solidify my passion for interactive storytelling.


    This hands-on experience in crafting narratives directly inspired by video games honed my understanding of player engagement and interactive storytelling mechanics. It was also a great way to hone my abilities to work within an established world and create engaging stories within those constraints.